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Our Concept

Bau-Wow is a blend of two of our interests – stylish renovation and innovative new home design – united by a common theme: beauty.

We are actively engaged in re-visioning home spaces, from one room to an entire house, aimed at enhancing the daily experience of what "home" is. And we are also exploring our new vision of beautiful, functional, affordable modular housing – our BauWow house.

Both these pursuits incorporate several key tenets:


1. Good Design
A new or renovated home shouldn't be an imitation of a style that if truly rendered would cost much more. Instead we focus on design with the beauty that comes from using quality materials in a direct, honest manner.

2. Energy Efficiency
Any new house (and any renovation) needs to attain high levels of energy efficiency because energy is only going to get more expensive, and because as a species we have to cut carbon emissions. Building or renovating for energy efficiency may cost more now, but it will be much less expensive and produce much less CO2 over the lifetime of the building.



3. Money Well-Spent
Whether you're on a tight budget or not, one of our goals is the wise use of your dollars. That's why we are consultants and not general contractors; in many cases we can help eliminate the need for a general contractor, thereby reducing your costs by up to 40%.

We've also established close alliances with closeout resellers and other industry connections so frequently we can purchase materials for your project at a percentage of original cost, and pass those savings onto you – without sacrificing quality.

The bottom line is that your money should be well-spent.

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